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Wembley found his forever home in August, 2006. He moved in on August 18th to be bonded with the other bunny the family has. I'm sure he will be very happy because he really liked the lady. Although he doesn't have time to stop for pets from anyone else, she scooped him up, put him on her lap and he sat there getting ear and face rubs and practically falling asleep in her lap. Sometimes they just seem to know, don't they?

April, 2007.  Wembley's new family emailed me to let me know how he's doing.  Now called Butters, he is happily bonded and running the show in his new home.  They tell me he's an absolute star, with everyone that visits just falling in love with him.  Of course they do, he's adorable!


Wembley came to us on July 13th, just after he was neutered.  He loves organic spring mix, parsley, romaine, red leaf lettuce, dill, cilantro, banana, strawberries and blueberries.  He eats lots of hay which is very good for keeping him healthy.  He also likes toes and will gently nip them to get your attention, so best to wear slippers!

He's a very playful bunny and always on the go.  If I try to pet him he has no time for me but my son he loves!  He will stop and wait for pets from children, he adores them.

He's so comical, very expressive in his movements.  When you come into the room he races around and does lots of head tossing.  He even does some little popcorn binkies.  He sure loves to have people around!  And those little helicopter ears are the cutest thing!

He's been very good with the litterbox and there's been no chewing at all that I can find.  So he's very well behaved and should really be a free-range bunny.

We use window air conditioners and in the heat we've had this summer it can be pretty hot in the house.  I bought a pack of 10 ceramic tiles from Home Depot for $10, put them in the freezer and then put the cold tiles down for the bunnies.  They love them!

One thing about Wembley that's made my heart skip a beat a few times is the way he flakes out.  You can see it in one of the pictures.  I'd be walking by, look over and he's passed right out on the floor.  It scared the heck out of me! 




(Our own bunnies that have passed on but are never forgotten.)