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Smokey was adopted by her foster family in April, 2007

She is a very pretty bunny and her colouring suits her name!

She can not go to a home with children or dogs.  Cats may be a possibility but she has not been exposed to cats while in the care of Rabbit Rescue so we cannot say for sure.  

The reason why she cannot go to a home with children is because a child threw her down the stairs and dislocated her shoulder.  As a result, she can't jump very well now.   She can't even jump as high as a couch but she does try!  With the past abuse she suffered, she can be very aggressive with kids and has been known to attack them without cause.  She is also slower to warm up to women then men.  When she first came into Rabbit Rescue's care, she was terrified of the woman who had her, even panicking in her cage to the point of bruising herself.  But once she gets to know and trust you she is fine.  She loves the lady who is  fostering her now.

Needless to say, with the horrible experiences Smokey suffered, its very difficult to gain her trust.  Most people cannot touch her, she will run away or attack if cornered.  This is 100% fear, she is not being nasty.

Her good points far outweigh the obstacles.  Since being with her foster family she has stopped being aggressive with them and if you lay down and keep your hands away from her she will come over and check you out and will even kiss your face.  She is very playful.  She has a barrel shaped ball and if you roll it to her she will grab it and set it up on its end so it cant roll anymore.  She'll do this every time you roll it to her!

She is active and likes to run and loves to binky and popcorn.  She loves to dig in fleece blankets (hint: get these for $3 at Giant Tiger!) and she really loves her hay.  She can be very affectionate on her own terms.  For a bunny like Smokey to come over to you on her own is a big compliment. For her to actually touch you is a huge leap in trust!

If someone was to consider bonding her she would need a very, very submissive male to bond to.

Considering what she came from, she has come along way.  In a good home with lots of one-on-one time and lots of time out to play she would probably do even better




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