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The Timmins Bunnies

Rabbit Rescue gets bunnies from the animal shelter in Timmins from time to time. We give them a place to hang out until the other foster or adoptive families can get over to pick them up.  The following 2 bunnies arrived August 31st.


Abbey was adopted January, 2008

Abbey is an English Spot bunny cthat was neglected by her previous owner and left outside all of the time where she was attacked by a dog.  This attack resulted in a large abscess on her back.  She was nursed back to health by her foster family.  They also had her spayed.  She is about 3 years old and a big bunny, probably around 10-11lbs.  She has a wonderful personality, very affectionate and will nudge you to continue petting if you stop.  She loves to eat!  Celery is one of her favourites.  She loves to binky and you'll be impressed when you see a big bunny binky!  She is used to being free-range during the day and in her cage at night.  She is not destructive but she does like to steal your newspapers and run off with them.



Bailey was adopted September 4, 2007

Bailey, a neutered male, was adopted immediately and went to a home with another male bunny. 

He is a 2 year old Holland Lop whose owners were arrested in a police raid and subsequently were unable to care for him.  He is a very relaxed bunny but can be a bit insecure at night which he showed us by thumping very loudly!  We kept a light on and he settled right in.  He did not chew anything, including wires, at his foster home.  His litter habits are excellent.  He loves to flake out with his legs stretched way out behind him and either snooze or watch the families' activities.  Sometimes this funny boy takes a power nap by throwing himself on the floor, moving his head back and forth with his tongue hanging out.  He loves to give kisses and licks, he is very affectionate.



The following 3 Timmins bunnies arrived August 26th.


Shadow was adopted November, 2006

He is enjoying his new home and bonding with bunny friends there.  He loves watching sci-fi movies with his family, but gets a little upset at the commercials interrupting constantly.

Shadow is a very sweet little Netherland Dwarf bunny.  He is neutered, about 1 1/2 years old and was ready for adoption having been at the Timmins Humane Society since April.  He's a tiny little guy, maybe 2-3lbs at the most.  He can be a bit shy at first but settles in very quickly.  He enjoys being cuddled and is very easy going with our young son.  He loves to race around the place and does the cutest little popcorn binkies!

A very kind couple donated the large cage below to help us house our foster bunnies.  Tigger was using it until he was picked up by his adoptive family and then Shadow made himself at home there.




Noah was adopted August, 2006

Noah was adopted and went home with his new family a couple days after arriving here.  We hear he is doing very well and loves the two boys in the family.  He waits to greet them when they come home from school!

Noah is hands down the suckiest bunny that I have ever met.  You walk by him and he drops and presents for pets.  He will push his head right into your hand!  He is a neutered male, approximately 1 year old and was waiting for his forever home at the Humane Society since June.



Tigger was adopted September, 2006

Tigger was adopted immediately and picked up by his adoptive family within a couple weeks of arriving.  He will be bonded to their other bunny, also from Rabbit Rescue.

Tigger is a beautiful male Lop that loves to cuddle.  He is neutered and about 2 years old.  He was at the Humane Society since April, before coming into the care of Rabbit Rescue.


The following 6 Timmins bunnies arrived Feb 4th.


Hopalong was adopted March, 2006

This little guy is really sucky!  He kept watching me come downstairs and rising up to see what I had next for him.  He likes everything, but really enjoyed the dill and banana.  He just loves pets and noserubs.   He was very happy with his time out to run, he loves to binky and do head shakes.  He has incredibly soft fur and the longest tail I've ever seen on a rabbit.


Joey was adopted April, 2006

This is just a baby bunn.  He's adorable and very cuddly.  He really liked my son's toys and kept nudging them off the couch.  This little guy is hilarious!  I guess he likes me, he was circling me!  He chins everything and is very playful.  He even did a bunny flop a couple of times.


Prince was adopted May, 2006

This is a big bunn.  On his time out to run he was pretty laid back and preferred just to stretch out.  He really enjoys petting and noserubs.  I can't get over those beautiful eyes!  He's not as big as I first thought, probably just the way he was curled up in his litterbox.



Silver was adopted September, 2006.

Sadly, on October 24, 2006 he crossed the rainbow bridge.

Here's another really little guy.  Very cute, a bit more reserved but definitely interested every time I dropped a new food into his cage.  This little bunn still doesn't want to be petted and will thump to make his point salient.  He raced around for his time out, not planning to waste a minute of it.  He's got absolutely beautiful colouring.


Dutchy was adopted November, 2006.

Now this is a big bunn!  She's got to be about 7lbs.  She's a real sucker for a good noserub.  She's quiet and calm in his cage but I took her out and she immediately wanted to go exploring.  She is so affectionate.  As soon as you reach your hand out she drops and presents for petting and immediately starts grinding her teeth so you know she's enjoying herself.  If you stop, she'll nudge you to continue.



Cotton was adopted June, 2006

Another young bunny, this one is very curious and quick, and likes to toss their water dish around.  This little guy turned out to be a girl!  She is very friendly and will immediately crawl all over you to check you out.  She thoroughly chins everything to make sure everyone knows its hers!




(Our own bunnies that have passed on but are never forgotten.)