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Hatter's Video Archives

Hatter was adopted Dec 22nd by a wonderful family that is just perfect for him!  He will not be caged at his new home and it was obvious from our discussions with them their bunny is at the heart of their family.  We couldn't have wished for a better forever home for a bunny that went through so much.  Perhaps things happen for a reason and he needed to take that path to end up right where he is now :o)

July, 2007:  We hear from Hatter's new family from time to time and he is doing wonderfully there.  He has the run of half their place and the other half is for a little girl bunny that may just become Hatter's new best friend!


Hatter came to us on September 26, 2006 from the Brant County Animal Control where he had been up for adoption since December 2005.  He had been adopted once and returned.  I can't see why, he's absolutely adorable!   It was obvious the staff there loved him, treated him very well and will miss him.  They even used to take him outside for fresh air on a leash.

He doesn't seem to mind car rides.  He made himself comfy in the pet carrier with his back legs stretched all the way out.  Its the first time I've seen a bunny that relaxed in the car!

He is a New Zealand bunny but on the smaller side of that breed being approximately 6lbs.  New Zealand's typically weigh closer to 10lbs.  He is neutered and ready for adoption into his forever home.

As he had been in a cage with limited time out for almost a year, he was very excited to be out and about when we brought him home.  He doesn't show any destructive behaviour so I would recommend he be free-range within a bunny-proofed area.  He's not fond of cages and you don't want a MAD Hatter ;o)  Hatter littertrained himself within a couple weeks here.  He's such a smart boy!

Hatter loooves company!  He can hear us coming downstairs and waits for us by the fence we have set up to keep him in the living area of the basement (not around the washer & dryer).  He does the most adorable popcorn binkies all over the place.  He especially likes when we open the patio doors and let the fresh air in.  He walks around with his little nose high in the air twitching and smelling the breeze.

This little guy packs a HUGE personality!  He has unlimited energy to play and binky.  He can't even sit still for pets, he wants to turn it into a game of "catch me if you can".  He'll bolt a few feet, stop and look back at you with what you could swear was a smile on his face and if you're not chasing him he'll come running back to do it all over again.

But when you do catch him he melts into your arms and is soooo soft and squishy!  His fur has the velvet feel of a Rex but his colouring and features are definitely New Zealand.

For treats, his favourite has to be banana.  If he doesn't see you put it down but can catch the scent of it in the air, he'll sniff it out like a dog, nose to the ground frantically trying to find it.

This is one VERY happy, comical bunny!




(Our own bunnies that have passed on but are never forgotten.)