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Topo & Tashi

We were very sad to learn of Topo's passing on December 28th. She became suddenly ill and was immediately rushed into the vet but was not able to pull through. Topo's autopsy revealed that she had died of septicemia, caused by an infection of pasturella.

However there is a positive side to this sad news. Topo was able to help another bunny in a very special way. This bunny needs dental surgery which is almost never done because of the expense. Rabbit Rescue covered the cost of that surgery and Topo acted as a donor, giving the team of vetrinarians involved the opportunity to perform the surgery for the very first time on her before operating on the other bunny several days later. Topo gave new hope to this rabbit, as well as others in the future that may benefit from this rare and delicate surgery.

At the same time, Tashi's vet visit revealed another abscess under his tongue, which was biopsied, and also came back as pasturella. Tashi required constant force feedings, as he wasn't able to eat much on his own. Both Tashi and his foster mom were grieving the loss of Topo, and bonded very closely during this time. While the abscess appeared to be going away nicely, another abscess was found under his jaw that was growing rapidly. The growth was affecting Tashi's jaw bone and incisors, which were now loose. RR scheduled surgery on May 13th for Tashi to have the abscess and also his incisors removed, ordering in specialized bone cement and antibotics to mix with the cement. Tashi passed on during the surgery despite the best efforts of two vets and vet technicians.

 Topo & Tashi, a bonded pair, came to Rabbit Rescue on September 9, 2007 when their owner had to surrender them due to financial difficulties with surgery that Tashi needed as well as health issues on their own part which made it difficult to care for the bunnies.

Tashi is a male Californian (white with grey ears and nose) and Topo is a female Flemish Giant.  Topo was originally adopted by a family who thought she was a dwarf bunny and were unhappy with the size she was growing so they gave her up to a private rescue.  After 4 months there, she was adopted in August 2003 by the owner that surrendered them to Rabbit Rescue.  Tashi was adopted by the family from Rabbit Rescue in 2005.  Both are very large bunnies as is usual for those breeds.  Tashi is almost 14lbs and Topo is even bigger!

Tashi is a timid boy but he melts for pets and loves to bunny flop!  He is now recovering from surgery which involved removing an encapsulated abscess from under his throat.  Although it was a delicate operation to perform both because of the area the abscess was in as well as the fact he is quite overweight, he came through the surgery beautifully and is now convalescing in comfort in his new bunny pad with his girlfriend Topo.  Topo is outgoing and inquisitive.  She loves treats, especially apple chunks.  

  Both bunnies are littertrained with some tendency to mark territory right by the gate that separates them from our bunnies.  At night they leave poops around but they pee in the litterbox so its an easy cleanup.  This is all normal territorial behaviour because they are housed very close to our bunnies.  Tashi has tried chewing the baseboards which I quickly sprayed with Phooey and he hasn't touched them since.  Some bunny-proofing may be required but it seems they are easily deterred if they don't like the taste of an object :o)





(Our own bunnies that have passed on but are never forgotten.)