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  Available for adoption through Rabbit Rescue.

Buster's Video Archives

Friday the 13th was Buster's lucky day!  July 13, 2007 he was adopted and hopefully, in his new home, will bond with a female bunny who just lost her mate recently.

Sadly, we learned that Buster became ill and crossed the rainbow bridge in December 2007. He is missed very much by his adoptive family.

Buster came to Rabbit Rescue in May 2007 after he ran out of time at a shelter.  He was in rough shape, being so badly matted he couldn't move.  He was shaved and also neutered at that time.  Buster is an angora/dwarf cross.  He has very long fur and many facial characteristics of an angora but is much smaller getting his size from the dwarf side.

Buster is truly a people bunny.  He will sit in your lap for hours while you pet him.  He grinds his teeth, licks you and just enjoys every minute of it!  He also has a real attraction to fans.  He loves to sit a few inches in front of them to enjoy the breeze.  His litter habits have improved since we've had him with us and he is using his litterbox much more now.  He didn't seem to know what treats were at first but now he gobbles down apple chunks and we're introducing new treats which he's only too happy to sample.  He likes his veggies too, including red leaf lettuce, romaine and some herbs.  He's not afraid of cats at all and shows no aggressive behaviour towards our bunnies so he is a good candidate for bonding with another bunny.




(Our own bunnies that have passed on but are never forgotten.)