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Most people don't realize how awesome bunnies are as pets!  We didn't.  Our first bunny was bought on impulse.  That's not usually the recommended way to introduce a rabbit to your family but that's what happened.  We went into a major pet store for cat or fish food and I stopped by the bunny cages to admire the cuties.  By the time my husband came back around I had the bunny, later to be named Benny, in my arms.  The store clerk told me some interesting things about bunnies that I didn't realize.  They are very sociable with distinct personalities and they can be litter trained.

Before that, I thought rabbits were just kept in a cage and didn't do much.  Wrong!  They are much like cats and dogs in the sense that they make great pets and companions.  They are quiet so in apartments they are a great pet to have if you're concerned about a dog barking.  They are affectionate and love to be petted, they're playful, and quite comical!  They are very protective of their areas and do not tolerate anybody messing with their stuff.  They'll often supervise any changing of their litter or bedding.  I rearranged my livingroom furniture one evening and our Mr. Bigglesworth had a fit.  He zoomed around, jumping on all the furniture, and getting in the way of my moving it.  I guess I disrupted his bunny-feng-shui or something and he was not amused.  For such a quiet animal, they sure have a way to let you know if they've got their knickers in a knot.  If they don't like their food, they'll pick the bowl up with their teeth and fling it.  If they don't like where you put something, they'll move it by nudging or head-butting, and its amazing how strong they can be!  Ah well, at least you always know where you stand with your bunn!

  When you have a happy, healthy bunn they'll make sure you know it too!  They will entertain you with big bunny-hops, also called Binkies.  This is when they hop high into the air, twisting their head and body in different directions before they hit the ground.  Its hilarious!  Another way they show they're happy is by shaking their head around, called head-flicking, even while zooming around. 

Here in our Bunnies 101 section, we offer some advice on things to help when you're just starting out with a new bunny.




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