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Lucky & Yoshi

Lucky and Yoshi were adopted Feb 10, 2006

We have had many updates on Lucky and Yoshi and they are doing wonderfully in their home.  Lucky, enjoys watching TV (American Idol is his fav).  Yoshi, enjoys getting her face rubs and loooves getting treats!


Lucky is a Cinnamon Holland Lop.  He's neutered and bonded to Yoshi, a spayed female Lionhead.  They came to us November 22, 2005 when their owners were moving and couldn't take them with them.

Lucky is loves kids, their toys and of course, their lunch if he can get it!  He's very playful, taking off with our son's toys and flipping his trash pail over.  One day I saw Lucky racing out of my son's room with a toy tractor trailer toy in his mouth.  This toy was about 5 inches long so it was bouncing off the floor as he hopped.  He ran into our room where Yoshi promptly gave chase thinking he may have something good.  They ran circles and figure eights around the room before he made it under the bed to safely to inspect his loot.  

Lucky is not afraid of anything and will stand his ground even with the vacuum cleaner.  You actually have to pick him up and move him because he tries to climb up on it.  However, the lack of fear comes with a bit of aggressive behaviour.  Although he loves to be around our son, if our son gets too excited Lucky will nip him rather than run away.  He has never nipped us but I think he may accept that we are the boss, our 3 year old is a smaller person to tackle so he tries.  He's also quite dominating with Yoshi, but she'll take so much and then charge forward a few inches with a grunting sound that warns him she's had enough.  I don't consider his behaviour a problem.  When he works out that he's not the boss of the children and they learn they need to be calm around him, it should be just fine.

He's a wonderful bunn,  very curious and full of mischief.  He loves to explore every inch of his surroundings.  He'll hop up on just about anything without much concern for how stable the landing area is or how he'll get down.  For snacks he's especially keen on cauliflower, but also likes various greens.  He's very affectionate and loves to be petted.  If you stop, he'll head-butt you and tug at your clothing.  You can do just about anything to him, he likes his ears played with, doesn't even flinch if you touch his back paws and really appreciates a good, thorough face rub.  If he's left to roam freely as we allow him, he will often hop up and go to sleep with you, after he's made a pest of himself hopping over your head.  He never makes it so you end up with a bunny belly covering your face with his back feet scurrying to make it over.  Then he'll knock over anything you have on night-tables to satisfy his curiosity.  Let's just put it this way.  Lucky was built for comfort, not for speed.

Yoshi is much more reserved which seems to be typical of the Lionhead breed.  She will come up for a sniff to see if you have a treat for her but then will be off again if you came empty handed.  Her weakness is food and she'll put aside most of her shyness if she thinks you may have a treat for her.  She loves Craisons, puffs and parsley best.

At first she favoured a close proximity to her area with the litterbox and toys but she found her way under the bed and now likes to stay there most of the time.  In general, she doesn't interact with us very much.  We gave her a week or two to acclimatize and then tried to brush her but she gets quite agitated being held.  She is very long-haired so she will have to be brushed often.  I have much less to tell about Yoshi just because she is so timid and I don't want to stress her out by forcing her to stay out or handling her when she objects so strongly.  With time, hopefully she'll come around with her new family.  After 2 months here she is finally beginning to present for pets and nose rubs.  She even does bunny flops now, which is when they turn their head to one side and just flop over onto their sides on the floor.  There's two pictures below, first where she turns her head and then her flaked out with Lucky after the flop (don't mind the mess on the floor, these two knuckleheads chase each other in and out of the litter box and a few hours after vacuuming, I have to do it again.  Ahhh, but its worth it!  They're too cute!).

Both bunnies have very good litterbox habits.  There is very little "evidence" outside the litterbox (other than the mess of them chasing each other).  Lucky likes to chew on paper and our son's toys sometimes but both are pretty well-behaved with the furniture.  Lucky did make a meal of a pair of our son's jeans so best to be tidy around their area.  They both enjoy cardboard boxes, mineral stones, and I've given them bird toys made of wood and rope  which they like to chew and toss.  These bunnies are easily left uncaged as long as the environment is bunny-proofed.

They are bonded and very fond of each other, often sleeping together and snuggling.  Lucky will assert himself as the dominant one of the pair, especially in new surroundings or if you try to pay attention to Yoshi.  He also gets concerned when you brush Yoshi because he knows she doesn't like being held.  The best way to clip her nails is to trance her which you'll see in one of the pictures below were I'm holding her like a baby.  Heck, you can give her a manicure and pedicure and she won't mind when she's tranced!  Lucky gets very jealous and will nip at your pants and circle around your feet when you have her in your arms.

Lucky and Yoshi had some toys with them but we never received a pen so adoptive families will need to set up an area for them.







(Our own bunnies that have passed on but are never forgotten.)