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Mickey & Tiny

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We adopted these bunnies June 15, 2006

Update: In February 2009, Tiny passed on. We had almost 3 wonderful years with her before cancer took her from us. We had taken her to the vet and knew there was no chance of her getting better. We asked the vet for Metacam and ensured she would not be in any pain, and we spent the last days of her life spoiling her with attention and treats. At the end we were both with her, petting and comforting her as she crossed the rainbow bridge.


These two girls were found outside on May 10, 2006, left to fend for themselves on the side of a road with 80km/hr traffic.  There were several bunnies but only three survived, at least 2 were hit by cars.

The white bunny, Tiny, is a 9Żlb New Zealand estimated to be about 4-5 years old.  The gray and white, Mickey, is an 8lb chinchilla estimated to be about 2-3 years old.  Both are female, bonded to each other and were spayed by Rabbit Rescue upon coming into their care.

Mickey loves to explore, is friendly, inquisitive and very mischievous.  Tiny is more timid.  She's very unsure of herself on hardwood or kitchen flooring.  Mickey takes full advantage of this fact and is an uber-pest with Tiny until she gets her chasing her around.  Then Mickey hops off the carpet onto the hardwood and looks back to see Tiny pacing back and forth.  Tiny doesn't sweat it too long, she just plunks herself down, resting her chin on her dewlap.

Both the bunnies go bonkers for grapes, Craisons, oat groats and just about any treat food.  Mickey gobbles hers up and then tries to grab Tiny's right out of her mouth but Tiny can put Mickey in her place.

Mickey loves to hang out in my son's room where she constantly shoves everything off his bed.  Pillow, blankets, toy dump trucks, everything must go.  She goes in his toy bins and pulls out what she wants to play with.  She absolutely loves balls.  Throw a ball out for her and she'll nudge it around with her nose and if something gets in the way she'll promptly remove it by picking it up and flinging it.  She actually gets quite a bit of speed on the ball and she'll nudge it so it goes off in different directions.  Tiny is more reserved but she also nudges the ball around.  I've woken up to find both on my bed just hopping around wanting to wake me up for breakfast.  If I could get them to make coffee I'd be up much faster!

Both bunnies love to play at sunrise.  Now if you've ever heard two near-10lb bunnies chase each other around a room, you'll know you never need an alarm clock!  There is nothing quiet about play time with these two!  But as the hubby says, "Go big or go home!"  Mickey will hop all over your head trying to get you up.

Both are crazy about treats but Mickey in particular is really bonkers.  She'll grab for the bag of Craisons and if she gets hold of it she'll take off with it.  One day she got it from the bottom, swung it around and took off with it.  Craisons sprayed everywhere and Tiny quickly started cleaning up!  Mickey went under the bed so I had to send my son in after her to get the Craison bag back.  I've learned now to pour some out into a bowl while standing up, drop it and run!  Both will bite your fingers in a frantic effort to get the goodies!





(Our own bunnies that have passed on but are never forgotten.)