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Maggie & Margie

Unfortunately Maggie passed away December 19, 2006 due to an enlarged heart.  Margie having lost her best friend is needing a forever home now more than ever.  Bunnies can get very depressed if separated from a mate.

More sad news, Margie passed away as well, on December 31, 2006.  It was believed the two girls were sisters and its possible Margie had the same heart condition as Maggie.  That was going to be checked out but she passed away beforehand.  Perhaps the stress of losing her lifelong companion was too much for her.  These two bunnies will be greatly missed.


Margie and Maggie, or the M&M girls as we call them, are spayed female Hotots.  They are bonded and must be adopted together.  They came to us on January 29th, 2006.

Margie is the larger of the pair and is quite outgoing.  Maggie took about a day to warm up and then shifted into sucky bunny mode.  She'll stay put as long as the nose rubs hold out.

They have quite an ability to convince you they haven't eaten in a week although looking at them you know that's not true.  If you crinkle a bag they come zooming in like two white cruise missiles.  They circle you and practically trip you trying to see if you have something tasty. They go wild for banana, blueberries and they love their papaya supplements.  They pretty much love every veggie we've given them and will always try to steal what the other one has, regardless of how much is there in front of them.  Its sort of like the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp where the two dogs eat a string of spaghetti from the ends in.  Its obviously going to be a challenge not to spoil these two with treats.  They also like Oxford Meadows Hay and Martins pellets.

Margie has an obsession with pop.  She will grab the top of the can with her teeth and pull it over so she can drink whatever she can spill.  I drink Diet Pepsi and the hubby drinks Diet Coke.  She's done the taste test but doesn't seem to care which it is, as long as she can get some before we swoop in and clean it up.

They love their large tube to run through and chew on.  I also gave them a wooden crate they immediately parked themselves in and began chewing.  They have lots of toys and they love to chew on branches and apple twigs.

They are very playful, tossing and scooting my son's toys underneath them.  Margie constantly jumps up on your lap for pets and binkies around the livingroom.  Maggie is a really big thumper!  She caught view of my cat, who is very old and really couldn't care less about bunnies.  Maggie threw a huge thumping fit.  Marg took it in stride and didn't seem to see what Maggie was creating all the fuss about.

Both are littertrained but will tend to mark territory.  They are very protective of their cage and when our cat Maya decided to wander in one day and plunk herself down she faced the full consequence of the BETF (Bunny Emergency Task Force) as it sprung into action to ensure the M&M compound was not compromised.  Maggie lunged at Maya (but didn't bite) and Margie was on her way in for back up ... as soon as she chinned a few things.  Since then, Maggie has charged at Maya a few times just as a reminder of her own self-importance.  She has not once nipped her and thankfully as Maya is so old as not to care much, she hasn't gone after Maggie with those claws of hers.  You can actually watch Maggie get ready to make a scene, she'll look at Maya and you just know she's about to start something.  And then she does.

The girls are chewers and should be supervised or in a bunny-proofed area.  They love their toys and chewables but will sneak a taste of the baseboards if they think you're not looking.  Actually, they don't really care if you look or not.  They figure by the time you get up and come across the room, they've made good their escape.

Their personalities more than make up for any naughty behaviour.  They are so affectionate with people and each other.  I've yet to see another pair snuggle as much as these two.  They lay so close they seem joined, and they're constantly turning their face to the other to groom and lick.  Its just awesome to see two bunnies so attached to each other.  This is the exact reason Rabbit Rescue requires bonded pairs to be adopted together.

The bunnies appeared at the All About Pets Show at the International Center on March 24th.  They were a crowd favourite and enjoyed cuddling with those staffing the Rabbit Rescue Booth.  With their wonderfully outgoing personalities, they've had several inquiries and will likely be adopted into their forever home very shortly.

The All About Pets Show was a great place to stock up on treats and toys.  The girls have been enjoying apple branches, hay filled paper bag treats, alfalfa cubes, dried pine cones, and oat groats.  The fine folks at Martin Mills were kind enough to provide us with free samples of the M&M's favourite food, Martin Rabbit Food (more about Martins here).  I knew the girls loved this because they arrived with some and were quite upset when it ran out.

The girls have a huge appetite for hay, which is a good thing, but it can be hard on the pocket book.  I found a farm locally that sells mixed grass hay "1st cut" and its only $5.




(Our own bunnies that have passed on but are never forgotten.)