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Benny was a sweetheart.  He was playful, affectionate and had no fear of anyone.  We had the family over for Christmas and he was up on everyone's lap even with all the noise of a roomful of excited kids and chatting adults.  In fact, if you ignored him, he'd nip you.  If you crinkled a bag he'd run at you so fast he sometimes skidded right by.  He was a shameless beggar when it came to mealtimes.

We had him for about a year when one morning I found he was tilting his head.  When he tried to run he wiped out because he couldn't balance himself.  I phoned vets until I finally was referred to one that dealt with rabbits and would take us that morning for an emergency appointment.  Unfortunately the usual vet was away and the one that attended Benny didn't have much experience.  She gave me some medicine but couldn't do much more.  I brought Benny home and gave him some of the medicine but he passed away within hours.

The lesson here is that you always have to make sure you have an experienced vet to call in case of emergency.  And then have a back up vet in case that one is away.  I found out later that Benny's head tilt was likely the result of an ear infection which is often treatable if caught early.




(Our own bunnies that have passed on but are never forgotten.)

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