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Bunnies love toys!  They also need them to combat boredom and keep them from getting into mischief if they decide to make their own fun!

They can be as simple as toilet rolls and paper towel rolls or you can buy some pretty expensive and imaginative toys online or at pet stores.  They will fling kids toys in the air and many infant toys are safe.  Try the bird section in your local pet store for cheap toys made of wood pieces and sisal.  I've been able to find some small ones for around a buck.   Their need to chew makes cardboard and wooden products a hit, and they love paper so don't leave anything lying around that you'll need later.  One of our bunns took over a plastic baseball from our son and loves to push it around and chase it.  You'll need to try different things and they will often find something in the house that amuses them.  Take home a box from your local grocery store, cut some windows in it and most bunnies will love it.  They'll crawl through it and redecorate by enlarging the windows and doors.  

Twigs from apple or willow trees are excellent for chewing. Pine cones also make a good natural chew toy. To prepare them, soak them in water for 10 minutes or more to open them and then bake them at 200c for 45 minutes to make sure any bugs are gone.

Try putting hay in a paper bag, twist it closed at the top and they can rip and play with it to get the hay out.  Give them a phone book or newspaper to tear apart and chew on.  The crinkling amuses them.  Stick yummy treats like papaya or pineapple chunks inside toys like willow balls or banana pieces inside a paper towel roll, and then hay stuck in both sides to keep them busy trying to get at the banana they can smell inside!

Bunnies tend to sleep more during the day and night.  They are most active and playful at dawn and dusk.  If you free range them you'll find they often wake you up early with their playing and hopping around, especially if they have access to your bed.

When they're tuckered out from playing and want to relax they can tell you a lot about they're feeling.  The more difficult the position is to get up from (the more vulnerable), the more relaxed and happy they are.

They can lay with their feet tucked under and ears up.  More relaxed bunns will have their rear legs stretched out in back or off to one side.  And really relaxed bunns will turn their head to one side and then drop their whole body down with the back feet flinging out to one side.  This is called a flop (see the link before to find an awesome video).  This indicates a very happy bunny.


Top 10 Toys for Pet Rabbits - this site is for those of us that live to pamper!  There's everything from toys to condo's in here!

Flower Town Chinchillas - this is a local online store that has some really neat treats, food and toys both for chinchillas and rabbits.

The Online Rabbit - A place to find toys and treats that's near Toronto.

Busy Bunny - a California based company that offers some fun toy ideas for the serious bunny lover.

Bunny Flopping - check out the video at the bottom of page for a really cute bunny flop demonstration.

More Floppage - another bunny flopping.  Very cute!


Everything you ever wanted to know about rabbits but were afraid to ask ...